For this year’s student essay competition, we have received an overwhelming number of essays from students all around the world. We are happy to announce that 33 essays were selected for publication from students of 19 different countries, 5 different continents, studying at 20 different universities. Their essays deal with Germany’s role in a country, NGO or international organization of the student’s choice.

The 3 Winners of the following Awards will be announced on the 25th of July: Best Essay Award (£100) | 2nd Best Essay Award (£50) | Best Engagement Essay Award (£50 for most read Essay).

The essay competition was organized by our editor-in-chief, Robin El Kady. He can be reached here:

Please note that English is not the first language of most students who participated in the competition.

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** This Year’s Winners **

Germany and International Organizations

Germany and Global Health

Germany and the EU

Germany and Europe

Germany and Asia

Germany and Colonialism

Germany and NGOs