Germany’s Role in the Development of Albania

Amarildo Prendi is from Albania and studies Informatics at the “Luigj Gurakuqi” university in Shkoder.

Albania | June 27, 2020 | Student Essay

Albania is a small country in southeastern Europe who before a couple of months took the confirmation for the opening of the negotiations to be become part of European Union. But let’s take a short look closer to the history of this country and why Germany has so close relationships with Albania?!

Albania has suffered from the terrible regime of Enver Hoxha. He was the man who held Albania in an iron grip for 40 years was a devout Marxist-Leninist, a fervent admirer of Stalin and a committed modernizer. For fifty years, Albania has been a communism country where no one of the Albanian people has no rights against the leadership. For the Albanians, freedom was a refused luxury by dictatorship regime. Everything was censored! The people there didn’t  have  no rights to express their feeling, opinions, or discontent’s thoughts. Many of them have been imprisoned or killed only because they wanted democracy. And in the early 90-s after the death of the dictator, the so-wanted democracy finally came to the Albanians. In that time some countries were there to help Albania and one of them was  Germany. Since then and till now, the bilateral relationships has become closer and closer.

More and more war zones, populism on the rise, and an ever increasing number of people who are suffering as a result of conflicts and the adverse impacts of climate change- the world is in turmoil. Someone has to stop this. Albania is a country who is fighting poverty, but the most important for now is fighting the corruption where Germany has a big role. Germany is a big supporter of Albania, not only for the becoming a member of the European Union, but it’s a great supporter on the war against corruption, poverty and the democracy in general. Germany has given millions of Euros to this country to help these people get a better life. And all the Albanians are very thankful for that.

Germany since in the start of the democracy has been always there to help in the development of Albania. But what other benefits, Albanians are watching to this country?

Germany: A global player

Given the global political situation, a proactive Germany appears to be in greater demand than ever before, to uphold the values of the western world and for the good of as many people as possible. And Germany has an importance opinion in European Union.  In the 2012 study, interviewees called on Germany to dare to assume a more assertive role. Also they expect Germany to assume a cooperative leading role without losing sight of proportions, a role that will also benefit Albania.

Germany’s Vision

Germany’s vision is definitely to become more and more powerful and a stronger player in the international area. But otherwise from some other big nations, Germany supports more than others the democracy and a unified world. And with that, she takes higher points and higher support from Albanians people. Germany with her great democratic leadership it’s a good example of a country where freedom is dominant. And with her vision, Albania wins more from these ideals.


Many Albanians today work in Germany. Most of them are health-care workers who are qualified for their work position in Germany’s cities. This is a great thing for Albania. These workers bring more money from their salary which is higher in Germany, in their country and so the Albanian economy grows up more faster. Other kind’s of workers, now are employed in Germany, like agricultural workers etc.

To conclude, Germany has helped a lot Albania and her people. Definitely Germany is the biggest supporter of freedom, democracy and the development of this country. And Albanians are very honored for the close friendship with this giant and powerful country.

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